(Friday) Tunesday: Lukas Graham, Amen & Goodbye, the White Album (not that White Album)

Lukas Graham by Lukas Graham

am obsessed with 7 Years so I have been waiting for Lukas Graham to release his album. I have high hopes for this album, which opens with 7 Years. If you have not heard that song then you should start there and continue through the rest of the album. I like the chorus on the song Mama Said—super catchy song.

I really like Lukas Graham because he has a bit of different sound than a lot of the music out there right now. Happy Home is another great track with beautiful vocals and nice lyrics. So far every song on this album is a hit. Drunk in The Morning has a blues sound to it and I love the instrumentals. Lukas Graham really shows off his vocals in Better Than Yourself (Criminal Mind Pt 2.), which is one of the slower, melancholy songs on the album.

What Happened To Perfect is a contender for favorite song on the album. This is a really awesome album. I cannot find fault with one song and enjoyed every song on the album. I will be listening to this album a lot over the next few months. So if Lukas Graham is new to you start with 7 Years and then listen through the rest of the album. I can almost guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Amen & Goodbye by Yeasayer

It's been awhile since I have heard anything from Yeasayer. I like I Am Chemistry—lots of good beats and the chorus singing along is really cool. Silly Me has a bit of an eighties sound, which is a positive in my book. Dead Sea Scrolls has a bit too much going on and is overwhelming.

Gerson's Whistle is a pretty good track. Uma is also one of the better songs on the album. It's a much slower song, more lyrics, and not as many crazy beats as the other songs.

As to be expected this is a fun album with some good beats and rhythms. However, outside of I Am Chemistry and Silly Me most of the tracks were just background music. The tracks on the beginning and end of the album are the superior songs and the songs in the middle were rather unremarkable. There are only a few songs I want to listen to again.

White Album by Weezer

I love "old school" Weezer and those songs bring back a lot of memories. I wasn't too impressed with the first song, California Kids, but Wind In Our Sail is much better. Thank God For Girls reminds me of some of their older music. Simple lyrics, but it's a catchy song. 

Do You Wanna Get High is another entertaining song. I am noticing a trend in their song themes and I guess they haven't changed since I was younger. The album has a west coast, cool kids kind of vibe if that makes any sense. I just picture California, palm trees and kids skateboarding in Venice as I listen to these songs. Another song is called L.A. Girlz so perhaps that is their goal.

Jacked Up is my favorite song on the album. The White Album is a surprisingly good listen. It's not spectacular and there's not much depth to the songs, but it has a good vibe.