Supergirl: "Red Faced" - Benoist Delivers Amid a Familiar Military Trope

By Abigail M.

Before reviewing this week on Supergirl I have good news! It’s been extended for a full season!

Still, I have yet to be amazed by an episode of Supergirl. Every week so far has definitely been enjoyable and fun with great moments from all members of the cast and of course this one was no different but it is still trying to find the balance between the fighting villain of the week and following Kara’s personal life and I’m losing confidence in the possibility of that happening seamlessly without anything feeling rushed. Certain elements are still not being properly explored but it may surprise me yet and I’m about as eternally optimistic about this show as Supergirl is about life so let’s stay tuned.

  Image credit: Warner Bros. Television


Image credit: Warner Bros. Television

This week, Melissa Benoist was awesome as usual as Supergirl went toe to toe with popular comic book character and android, the Red Tornado. Unfortunately,  the android was introduced under the time-worn and extremely weary storyline of the shady American military building weapons to fight aliens that then end up backfiring on them. Then, the very aliens that their weapons were produced to fight end up having to save their pompous asses. I'll forgive them this time, since this allowed for a few different narratives, particularly the Jimmy and Lucy storyline, to be woven together.

But I can’t forgive Lucy Lane’s father for being a real jerk… How he managed to raise two wonderful women in Lucy and Lois I’ll never understand because I literally couldn’t care less about what he had to say every time he opened his mouth, even when he goes in on Jimmy about why he doesn’t want the cape chaser to date his daughter. I just wanted the scene to be over and go back to the real story.

I have to admit that I was rather unimpressed by the Red Tornado. First of all, we didn’t see enough of what it was capable of. Not only did it look like someone’s Comic Comic  cosplay, I was also confused by just how exactly it functioned as a military weapon. An android that can make tornadoes… what’s the point of that again? And isn’t he a hero in the comics? I have more questions than answers and judging by what happened with him at the end we won’t be getting answers anytime soon.

Enough about the negatives of this week, there was still much to enjoy!

Benoist had one of her stronger episodes of the season, not that any have been weak, as she was given the opportunity to really bring out the frustration that Kara is feeling in her attempts to balance super life and normal life. Again, despite the fact that she is an alien and also has superpowers, I really found Kara’s struggle relatable because god knows we’ve all gotten so frustrated at life that we broke something and snapped at people that we shouldn’t have snapped at.

Kara’s explosion at her boss, Calista Flockhart’s indomitable Cat Grant, led to Grant’s great points about how professional women and women in the public eye do not have the luxury of expressing their emotions like men do. Girls can’t get angry without being seen as a nuisance or belittled for their outbursts and I was really glad that instead of dismissing Kara outright for her actions Cat took her aside and explained this to her over drinks. (On that note, this show definitely needs more drunk Cat Grant!)

As usual Chyler Leigh (Alex Danvers), Mehcad Brooks (Jimmy Olsen), and Jenna Dewan Tatum (Lucy Lane) all gave strong performances as well this week and may I just say how much I adore Lucy Lane?! More Lucy Lane and Kara Danvers bonding moments please!

Finally, a few more pieces of the ‘What Happened to Daddy Danvers?’ story fell into place this week after Kara and Alex sweet-talked Winn into hacking the DEO for them to try and find more information. In all honesty the DEO continues to bore me and I literally could not care less about Hank Henshaw except that we now know that he is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to solving the mystery - which came as a surprise to absolutely no one.

To sum up, Supergirl took out the considerable amount of anger she’s harboring on a weaponized android (as well as a car) and discovered the reasons behind her frustrations. Hopefully we’ll be able to see the show explore her internal struggle with more depth; I know we’re all rooting for her to be able to find peace with herself and love her life for the crazy mess that it is. And as for what’s coming up next… Blood? Is something wrong with Supergirl? We’ll have to wait and see!