Abigail's 2016 Oscar Picks and Predictions

Abigail Morran
Culture & Comics Editor

Award show season is drawing to a close with the Oscars rapidly approaching. This Sunday Chris Rock hosts the 88th Academy Awards and one thing we can definitely expect is lots white people jokes. The big topic this year is that once again every nominated actor is white for the second year in a row, sparking another round of the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite as well as a call from Jada Smith for her fellow black community to boycott the Oscars.

At this point the Academy has responded by putting out a statement saying they will improve their pool of voters to include more diversity in the years to come. Meanwhile expect many comments from Chris Rock and likely others during the broadcast. 

Personally I love the Academy Awards and while I was disappointed by the lack of diversity and I think that a lot of the problem stems from the roots of the entertainment industry, not just the Academy. Studios need to make changes in casting so that more actors of colour have an opportunity to give performances worthy of awards.

However, many POC still delivered amazing performances this year. One of the snubs that most disappointed me was Michael B. Jordan in Creed where he played the illegitimate son of Rocky Balboa’s greatest opponent and friend Adonis Creed. Jordan wasn’t the only snub from that film, I think it deserved to be among the top contenders in a few different categories but it was ignored along with Beasts of No Nation whose star Idris Elba cleaned up at the SAG Awards and was overlooked by the Academy.  

Unfortunately, the Oscars are what they are this year and I continue to look forward to Sunday with the hope that Chris Rock will be a better host than quite a few of the most recent ones. I can almost guarantee that most of my predictions will be wrong though and I’ll probably change my mind in the days to come so maybe don’t base your Oscars bets on this post. 

The films in the Best Picture category have a total of 53 nominations between them I am definitely expecting almost every award featuring these movies to be a toss-up between The Revenant and Mad Max: Fury Road but hopefully there will be some upsets to keep things exciting especially with how big of a hit Star Wars: The Force Awakens was at the box office.

Below is the full list of Academy Award nominations along with my predictions. I’ve also thrown in who I would like to win the category even if I know they likely won’t under the heading ‘My Pick’ however I didn’t add that to every category seeing as I haven’t seen a lot of these films.  

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