Tuesday Tunesday: "Ouroboros," "Long Way Home," and "iii"


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The album opens with Part One - Homecoming, which is a relaxing song. That's how I would describe this whole album: relaxing. I listened to this song many times, but never really came to like it. Part One - Hey, No Pressure is a little more upbeat and one of the more likable songs on the album.

Part Two - In My Own Way is a laid back song that takes me to a calming place. This album has the mellow sound you expect from Ray LaMontagne. Overall, I didn't love it though and there is not one song that stands out as a favorite. I am underwhelmed by this album.

This is an album to unwind with and even though the songs are slower the album was somewhat uplifting. Part Two - Another Day really made me look forward to spring and summer. This is not one of the best Ray LaMontague albums, but it's a good listen for a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Lapsley - Long Way Home

I've already been listening to Hurt Me over the past month (the second song on the album) so maybe I am biased, but I love the song. This might be my favorite song on the album.

I like Falling Short a great deal too and really dig the lyrics. I have Love is Blind on a playlist and it is a superb song as well. Love is Blind and Hurt Me are tied for best songs on the album.

This album did not disappoint and I know I will be listening to it regularly. Awesome melodies, beats, lyricsLapsley has a great voice and sound, which shines through on this album. She also brings a lot of emotion to her music, which I appreciate. The whole album is beautiful and thus far it's my favorite album of 2016.


Miike Snow - iii

This album starts off on a good note and makes me want to hear more. I'm really feeling the second track,The Heart of Me. My initial impression of this album is that it's going to be a fun and enjoyable listen.

Genghis Khan is super catchy and has a great beat. This is definitely going on a playlist. For the Charli XCX lovers out there, she's featured on the For U track and I liked it even though I'm not a huge Charli XCX fan.

I Feel The Weight really surprised me because Miike Snow slows it down and put together a great melody. I don't recall many memorable slow jams from Miike Snow, but this is a solid one.

I actually liked this album more than I thought I would. I was excited for the album, but it exceeded my expectations and I love several tracks. With this album, Miike Snow made me want to see him live in concert because I can see it being an exciting show.

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