Tuesday Tunesday: Unruly Mess, HEARTWATCH, & Dig In Deep

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis -
This Unruly Mess I've Made

I feel Macklemore should have grown on this album, but he didn't. When I saw the album featured so many great artists I was intrigued. Maybe I expected too much because I like quite a few of the artists featured on this album. I did not think this would be an out of this world album, but I still thought it would be better.

Light Tunnels is the first track on the album, which makes a nice introduction. It's an enjoyable tune and the lyrics are up to snuff. Brad Pitt's Cousin is interesting, if not a bit strange. It's growing on me though. I do have to say I love the line, "Every white dude in America went to the barber shop: give me the Macklemore haircut." 

Dance Off would be fun for just thata dance off with friends! It is pretty catchy. I cannot stand Let's Eat and it's kind of lame that there's a song basically dedicated to dieting and having a good body. This is probably the worst song on the album.

White Privilege II was surprisingly good with a powerful message. Although Macklemore hasn't shied away from social topics in the past with Same Love, which was an amazing song. White Privilege II is a long song, but it has so many messages intertwined. I really enjoy this song and it stands out among some silly songs. If you have not heard his album yet, definitely go listen to White Privilege II.


Not even a minute into the first song, Faultlines, I love it. It's very catchy, especially the chorus. If this song is any indication of the album, then it's going to be awesome. Never Let You Go keeps the momentum going with a wonderful sound. Then I noticed the album only has six songs and I was a bit sad! I wanted to listen to 10 or more songs because I am loving what I am hearing.

I love Gone Too Long as well, another tune where you'll catch yourself singing along. The only disappointing part of this album is that I was done listening too soon! With that said all the songs are easy to love. I look forward to more from HEARTWATCH.

Bonnie Raitt - Dig In Deep

This is quite the eclectic review of music!

I loved Bonnie Raitt as a kid so I jumped at the opportunity to review her new album. Bonnie Raitt still has her smooth, soulful voice made apparent on the very first track of the album. Unintended Consequences of Love reminds me of some of her older songs. Who doesn't love the depressing, but beautiful I Can't Make You Love Me?

Bonnie's remake of Need You Tonight is lovely. It's a different sound than the original, but still has a great beat and her vocals shine through. Shakin' Shakin' Shakes is a dancing song I could see being very popular in a blues club.

Overall, this album has a very Bonnie Raitt feel to it. I'm happy she didn't stray from her roots. Her voice, the instrumentals, lyrics are all quality and what I expect from Bonnie Raitt.

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