(Tuesday) Tunesday: The Night, Demons, and Time


3 Doors Down - Us And The Night

3 Doors Down is back with a new album and as a fan when I was younger, I was intrigued when I heard they were releasing a new album. It's been quite awhile since they've released new music.

The album opens with The Broken and I like what I hear already. By song three, I think this album is reminiscent of their older music. Living In Your Hell is a great track with a nice beat and good lyrics too. I am pleasantly surprised by this album as I am liking all the tracks. It's nothing groundbreaking, but it's a commendable album.

I liked this album more and more with each song I heard. I Don't Wanna Know is a great rock song and I enjoyed the guitar on the track. Then 3 Doors Down slows it down with Pieces of Me, which has an excellent melody. Their sound has matured some since their older stuff, but it still has that 3 Doors Down sound. Maybe it's my natural reaction to compare it to their old stuff.

AURORA - All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend

As an AURORA fan I have been looking forward to this album. I am impressed from the first song, Runaway—she has a beautiful voice and unique sound. The next track, Conqueror, is even better and I already added it to a playlist. It's an amazingly catchy tune. Readers might be most familiar with the Running With The Wolves track, but the album features even better songs.

Lucky is a slower track, but it's a great listen with moving lyrics. The whole album is thoughtful with meaningful lyrics. Through The Eyes of A Child is a slower, but powerful song I think we can all relate to some days. Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) is an eccentric title, but the song is really good. I love every song on this album, but this song might be in the top three.

Half The World Away is a hauntingly marvelous song. Again this track shows off her beautiful vocals. I was almost done listening to this album when I realized she is playing in Toronto next month! Not surprisingly the show is already sold out. Also not surprising? I give this album a 10/10.

Pete Yorn - Arranging Time

I like some of Pete Yorn's music, so I am excited to see what this album is about. The first track Summer Was A Day is a chill song and makes me wish it was actually a summer day. I am enjoying the next track, Lost Weekend more than the first. I really like the lyrics to this song: "Straight outta suburbia/Straight outta the basement/Had another lost weekend/Need another vacation."

I liked listening to every song on this album as well. I love Pete Yorn's sound and lyrics. I'm Not The One is another standout on the album. There's just something soothing about his voice and lyrics. Tomorrow is one of the more uplifting tracks on the album.

I was not looking forward to listening to this album for some reason, but I should have been because it's some of his best stuff. This is an awesome album and I am happy I was able to sit down and listen to it. I cannot find fault with any of the songs. I could listen to this album over and over on this rainy day.