I could not find the exact date but police arrested Mr. Howard Lee Haupt, a computer programmer from San Diego, on suspicion of kidnapping and first-degree murder. He was ultimately acquitted of all charges in 1989.

In 1987, Haupt was spending his Thanksgiving weekend at Whiskey Pete's where a land-sailing tournament took place that he wanted to attend. Haupt resembled the man seen with a boy near the arcade. Witnesses at trial testified that Alexander left the arcade with a man and Haupt looked like that man. However, the defense showed that not one witness or experts could confirm that man to be Haupt.

From various papers (list below) I learned that Mr. Haupt had no criminal record, that he passed two lie-detector tests, and that the defense produced eight witnesses who all testified that when Alexander disappeared, Haupt was at the sailing tournament.

The 1989 trial lasted five weeks but it took the jury just one day to acquit Haupt of all charges. His legal affairs in this case are worth reading. He later filed suit for damages.

The jury said that the testimony of the eyewitnesses was unreliable. Haupt's defense attorney had pointed out all the conflicting statements.

No further arrests have been made in this case.