St. Jane Media Launches Its Poetry & Arts Focus

Wow, we've had a big couple of months!

Thanks to the efforts of a great and varied community, we've received nearly 40 individual pieces running the gamut from culture reviews, memoirs, and journalistic analysis. I can't express my gratitude enough to all our writers who are building the foundation for our little project here.

Today, we took a step toward making that project a little larger and introduced our brand new Poetry & Arts editor, Rae Lemke Sprung! 

As some readers might know, I hold down an overnight job to pay the bills, so it's hard to keep myself connected with the type of community we're trying to help. In addition, while we're looking to add other subsections in the near future, a focus on arts and poetry has been something I've personally been looking forward to. I know there's several vibrant communities out there and great platforms to find new and original art - but it can be tough for most Internet users to know where to start. 

So I think it's very important to provide gateways to original content that isn't necessarily determined by the marketing whims of large sponsors. And there are so many creative people with something to say that need all the encouragement we can get. So Rae, as a talented poet herself, is specially equipped to fill the role of Poet-in-Chief here at St. Jane. We're so lucky to have her.

By the by, there will be some substantial rearranging and redesigning going on around these parts, I hope. If you have suggestions on the site's navigability or questions about what we're accepting for content, you can reach me or Rae at 

Keep carving your niche, everyone. Thanks again.

- Phil

St. Jane Media Launches Its Contributions Blog (Plus, Supergirl)

It's been a busy week over here at St. Jane Media (aka St. Jane Communications? I don't know, we haven't incorporated yet). And it's only Tuesday.

Monday we went public with our contributions blog, featuring nine original pieces of writing shared by essayists, critics, bloggers, poets, and new writers. The blog is the first step into building St. Jane as platform for new writers and content creators. 

Today, we've expanded the blog to include two reviews of the brand-new Supergirl series. We're looking to keep this going as long as there's interest in the show and hope to give readers some idea of whether it's worth their time. I was lucky to get two solid reviews with different approaches to the show.

Ryan Freeman's review gives us a look at various elements of the episode, including the script and dialogue. J.J. Ulm's review is more grounded in a feminist perspective and gives us insight into whether CBS' Supergirl meets the standard it's trying to achieve. 

I'm really encouraged with the amount of quality pieces I've been seeing for the site, given that we're not yet a year old. I'll be soliciting more work and feel free to pitch me your ideas or pieces at our new email address.


Gannett Expands Presence Across US with Purchase of Journal Media Group

The owner of USA Today and a large chain of newspapers across the country has purchased the Journal Media Group, whose newspapers include the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Knoxville News-Sentinel. The $280 million purchase expands McLean, VA-based Gannett Company from 92 markets to 106 markets and gives Journal Media shareholders about $12 per share.

MSF Continues To Call For Kunduz Investigation

In the world of foreign policy....

Doctors Without Borders (or Medcins Sans Frontieres - MSF) continues to call for an independent investigation of the October 3 bombing of their hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan. From their October 7 statement:

A destroyed area of the MSF hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan is visible at first light on 03 October 2015, the morning after the facility was hit by sustained bombing. (Photo: MSF)

A destroyed area of the MSF hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan is visible at first light on 03 October 2015, the morning after the facility was hit by sustained bombing. (Photo: MSF)

On Saturday morning, MSF patients and staff killed in Kunduz joined the countless number of people who have been killed around the world in conflict zones and referred to as ‘collateral damage’ or as an ‘inevitable consequence of war’. International humanitarian law is not about ‘mistakes’. It is about intention, facts and why.

The US attack on the MSF hospital in Kunduz was the biggest loss of life for our organisation in an airstrike. Tens of thousands of people in Kunduz can no longer receive medical care now when they need it most. Today we say: enough.  Even war has rules. 

The White House says President Obama has apologized directly to MSF.

A five-minute clip from Dr. Liu is available on MSF's YouTube account.

MI:5 Grabs Top Spot For Weekend Box Office

Mission: Impossible 5 - Rogue Nation nabs the top weekend box office spot with an approximate domestic haul of $56 million at 3,956 theaters, beating out the Vacation reboot, which earned $14.9 million over the weekend and $21.17 million since debuting Wednesday at 3,411 theaters. Globally, MI5 pulled in $121 million. Last week's Ant-Man comes in at third place for the weekend ($12.6 million), followed by fellow holdovers Minions ($12.2 million) and Pixels ($10.4 million).

MI:5, produced by Skydance Productions, as well as JJ Abrams' Bad Robot and star Tom Cruise's TC Productions, currently has a 75 score at Metacritic and a 93 percent at Rotten Tomatoes. The film is directed and co-written by Christopher McQuarrie, who collaborated on the script with Drew Pearce. The 2015 Vacation, meanwhile, has a Metacritic score of 33 and comes in at a rotten 23 percent at RT. Helmed by a team new writer/directors, the panned comedy  was produced by David Dobkin (Wedding Crashers) and Chris Bender (American Pie). 

After MI's latest success, Paramount has confirmed there are plans for a Mission: Impossible 6, which Tom Cruise recently said could start shooting next summer. 

 The St. Jane social media monitoring team is witnessing an overall sense of pleased surprise that the movie was entertaining:

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