St. Jane Media Launches Its Contributions Blog (Plus, Supergirl)

It's been a busy week over here at St. Jane Media (aka St. Jane Communications? I don't know, we haven't incorporated yet). And it's only Tuesday.

Monday we went public with our contributions blog, featuring nine original pieces of writing shared by essayists, critics, bloggers, poets, and new writers. The blog is the first step into building St. Jane as platform for new writers and content creators. 

Today, we've expanded the blog to include two reviews of the brand-new Supergirl series. We're looking to keep this going as long as there's interest in the show and hope to give readers some idea of whether it's worth their time. I was lucky to get two solid reviews with different approaches to the show.

Ryan Freeman's review gives us a look at various elements of the episode, including the script and dialogue. J.J. Ulm's review is more grounded in a feminist perspective and gives us insight into whether CBS' Supergirl meets the standard it's trying to achieve. 

I'm really encouraged with the amount of quality pieces I've been seeing for the site, given that we're not yet a year old. I'll be soliciting more work and feel free to pitch me your ideas or pieces at our new email address.