St. Jane Media Launches Its Poetry & Arts Focus

Wow, we've had a big couple of months!

Thanks to the efforts of a great and varied community, we've received nearly 40 individual pieces running the gamut from culture reviews, memoirs, and journalistic analysis. I can't express my gratitude enough to all our writers who are building the foundation for our little project here.

Today, we took a step toward making that project a little larger and introduced our brand new Poetry & Arts editor, Rae Lemke Sprung! 

As some readers might know, I hold down an overnight job to pay the bills, so it's hard to keep myself connected with the type of community we're trying to help. In addition, while we're looking to add other subsections in the near future, a focus on arts and poetry has been something I've personally been looking forward to. I know there's several vibrant communities out there and great platforms to find new and original art - but it can be tough for most Internet users to know where to start. 

So I think it's very important to provide gateways to original content that isn't necessarily determined by the marketing whims of large sponsors. And there are so many creative people with something to say that need all the encouragement we can get. So Rae, as a talented poet herself, is specially equipped to fill the role of Poet-in-Chief here at St. Jane. We're so lucky to have her.

By the by, there will be some substantial rearranging and redesigning going on around these parts, I hope. If you have suggestions on the site's navigability or questions about what we're accepting for content, you can reach me or Rae at 

Keep carving your niche, everyone. Thanks again.

- Phil