Hillary Wins the #GOPDebate RT Game, Followed By...Trevor Noah?


Possibly a reflection of the American political environment overall, it seemed like snark and hostility were essential parts of the formula to getting the most retweets off a #GOPDebate riff. Instead of any of the Republican candidates, it was one of the Democratic nominees - Hillary Clinton - who saw the most exposure on Twitter from the event, particularly with tweets revolving around women's rights. 

The Clinton campaign's statement, "Women—not the politicians on stage—should make decisions about their own reproductive health care" has seen more than 10,000 retweets, followed closely by a shot at Donald Trump for being condescending toward women. 

Interestingly, before The Daily Show's rebranded return later this month, tonight's #GOPDebate turned out to be something of a pilot testing ground for Trevor Noah and his writing staff, who saw lots of retweets from their "Meet the Contenders" series of tweets. Currently, the tweet image which claims Ben Carson's biggest challenge is "not being lulled to sleep" by the sound of his own voice leads those with more than 1500 retweets, TDS' most popular tweet of the night happened at the start of the debate, with a shot at CNN's obsession with planes.


Some more honorable mentions:

From JournoTwitter, CBS News' Tim Williams has nearly 10,000 retweets for posting a Vine displaying Trump's facial expressions.

The other main Democratic nominee, Bernie Sanders, was tweeting along with a #DebateWithBernie hashtag. His most popular tweet was a jab at the Republican party's veneration of Ronald Reagan. 

Over on Celebrity Twitter, Patton Oswalt got some attention for posting a selfie with Tom Hanks.

In terms of policy groups, Planned Parenthood saw a significant boost with a shot at John Kasich, writing, "71 percent of Americans oppose shutdown of Planned Parenthood." 

Black Lives Matter activist Deray McKesson had his most popular tweet when he observed, "Huckabee literally just equated abortion to slavery." 

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly's most retweeted soundbite was a quote from Carly Fiorina: "We ought to recognize that women are not a special interest group… we are half the potential of this nation," Her second largest retweet was a quote in which she said Ben Carson was discussing "global jihadists." 

Fox News itself saw a big bump from quoting a Carly Fiorina burn on Hillary Clinton. 

CNN crossed the 750 retweet threshold with a Vine of Jeb Bush admitting he tried pot "40 years ago."