Alexander (7) was in the Whiskey Pete’s Hotel and Casino Resort in Primm, Nevada. His family was gathering there for a Harris Family Thanksgiving Day Reunion. After the Thanksgiving weekend, they would all return home to Mountain View, California. Around 11 am, Alexander was in the video arcade from Whiskey Pete's on November 28, 1987. His mom and grandparents were gambling nearby. I will need a map to find out how “nearby” the video arcade is from the spot where his family was gambling. I could not find any more information about who attended the reunion, who else was in the arcade, etc.

I also have not been able to find whether a relative went looking for Alexander or whether someone alerted the family that the boy was seen walking out of the arcade. What we do know is that Alexander vanished. It was caught on the surveillance tapes. Whether they still exist and whether experts have looked at the tape with modern technology to enhance the images, is unclear.

After one month, Alexander’s body was discovered underneath a trailer. That trailer was on one of the ten trailer sites near Whiskey Pete's that were used by off-duty casino executives. Police made every effort to keep the crime scene intact. After disconnecting all the utilities, they used a crane to lift the trailer off the foundation.

Mr. James Weller, then-head of the Las Vegas FBI office, explained that Alexander’s glasses were found near his fully clothed body. He had been strangled. I cannot find whether this was manual strangulation or asphyxiation by an object. There was little physical evidence to help police find the murderer.

I hope that Alexander’s clothes and glasses were properly preserved because we could try to examine them with modern technology. The M-Vac comes to mind as a superior tool to find touch-DNA on cloth.